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Secure Unidirectional Devices

To secure against a broad range of external, cross-domain and insider cyber threats that can corrupt or reveal sensitive information, MPL has launched its Ultra Secure, Intelligent Data Tunnel solution to address and support the secure transmission of data.

In many companies, it is now mandatory as part of their SLA programmes, to provide this degree of security and isolation at network level.

At the heart of the Data Tunnel, is a unidirectional network communications device (data diode) that enables the safe, one-way transfer of telemetry/non-telemetry data between segmented networks. This fully packaged solution maintains a physical separation of the source and destination networks by establishing a completely closed one-way transfer.

The solution visualises the tenant’s estate including alerting and alarming, historical reporting, trend analysis and forecasting of critical systems/assets, all in one centrally managed platform (N-GEN).

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