However you moniter your energy consumption, weather it be through Sub Meters, MID Metering, PDUs or Circuit monitering. This information is difficult to process and understand unless displayed and visualised through simple intautive Software. 

MPL has designed a class leading platform that allows the user to understand all of the mesuarble data in one centralised hub. N-GEN software provides and displays real time monitoring and enhanced historical reporting of all monitored parameters associated with power, energy, environmental, physical security and asset management. N-GEN provides the ‘glue’ to visualise collected data. In addition to it's reporting capabilities, N-GEN offers instantaneous alerting and alarming against client specified thresholds

Which software is right for you?

N-GEN Lite

N-GEN Lite offers a simple and fluent way to begin viewing all your relevant energy consumption data. With a Simple to install 5 step setup plan to begin monitoring, reporting and alerting, the plug and play connectivity makes this system ideal for coms rooms and smaller businesses that want to get up and running and optimising there energy consumption.

N-GEN Enterprise

N-GEN Enterprise encompasses 4 modules - Power & Energy, Environmental, Asset Management and Security. NGEN enterprise delivers business intelligence by providing monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental solutions across diverse market sectors. Real-time data reporting and alerting in conjunction with user-defined dashboards allows businesses to monitor and manage their estate and make informed business decisions.