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MPL offers a wide portfolio of Sub Meters which can be installed in addition to existing  primary billing meters. This allows the client to measure, record and profile the electricity/utilities usage for individual areas within the Estate. By deploying sub-metering, clients can monitor exactly when and where energy is consumed and identify where simple savings can be made to reduce operating costs. Further, sub metering highlights problem areas such as unusual patterns in energy consumption or excessively high consumption plant.


The range of Meters includes Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) approved devices for applications where there is a direct correlation between an energy measurement and an invoice. The certified products provide the guaranteed accuracy required for applications in which sub-billing of the electrical energy consumed is necessary, whether on a single or three phase network.

All of the Meters are compliant with IEC 61557-12, which is the high level standard for all Performance Monitoring Devices that are designed to measure and monitor electrical parameters in distribution networks. Compliance with IEC 61557-12 ensures a high level of equipment performance, in terms of metrology and the mechanical and environmental aspects (EMC, temperature, etc).

MID Approved Metering

Standard Metering

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