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Ready to Run Circuit Monitoring 

MPL offers a standard range of enclosures to simplify the deployment of AC & DC circuit monitoring. This ‘building block’ approach to power and energy monitoring brings together a scalable configuration utilising a voltage acquisition module (for the entire system), multiple current acquisition modules to measure consumption, combined with a wide portfolio of sensors to measure load currents.


At the heart of the system, is the MPL NGEN-ESTATE Gateway, which centralises data collection and offers real time/historical reporting, alarming and alerting. The solution range is pre-configured into IP65 rated metal enclosures. The standard range of five AC enclosures will monitor up to 72 circuits (any combination of single and three phase circuits). The units can be configured with additional modules if required. The enclosures simplify the installation in legacy environments and are factory pre-wired and tested prior to installation. The DC enclosure is available to suit either an AC and DC power input and can monitor up to 30 DC circuits.


  • Suitable for single and three phase circuits, delivering centralised reporting of Volts, Amps,  kVA, kW, kW/Hrs and PF

  • Industry/market neutral solution

  • Totally scalable for legacy environments (AC or DC)

  • Complete solution from power monitoring devices / current sensors and data collection, through to the  visualisation and analysis software

  • Intuitive dashboards and reporting for centralised reporting of the monitored circuits

  • Industry leading accuracy - Class 0.5 for the global measurement chain, irrespective of load (IEC 61557-12)

  • Wide range of monitoring sensors up to 6000A, including non-invasive solutions

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The smart Current sensors measure the load currents of an electrical circuit and send the data to the Current modules via an RJ12 plug and play output. The sensors are available in three versions, namely Solid Current Sensors (to 2000A), Split Core Current Sensors (to 600A) and Flexible Current Sensors (to 6000A). The Split and Flexible Sensors are particularly useful in legacy environments where non-invasive installation may avoid unwanted power downtime.


The DC current sensors measure DC load currents of an electrical installation and transmit information to the current modules via an RJ12 to Molex cable (4 pin connector). The range comprises solid core and split sensors ranging from 50 to 5000A in various sizes allowing them to be used in new or legacy electrical installations. These open-loop hall effect sensors are available in two frame sizes per sensor type to accommodate a wide range of current ratings and cable sizes.

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