NGEN Rack Security

The NGEN rack security system combines an intuitive software interface with a fully integrated card reader system to deliver rack and cold aisle access control.

The solution may be installed as part of a power and environmental monitoring system, or installed as a stand alone system.


Market research shows that as much as 70% of data centre outages are directly attributable to human error, and 13% is a result of unauthorised access alone.

This makes physical security measures critical in the management of unwanted downtime, negative reputation
and cost.


  • Widely deployed technology, accepted within the market
    place. Designed and adopted for enterprise end users

       in mind

  • Deployed across a variety of blue-chip corporate clients with over 15,0000 handles installed

  • The solution can control up to 500 doors consuming a single IP address providing the end user with a significant cost saving

  • Cabinet manufacturer vendor neutral. Retro-fit options available

  • Compatible with all types of access control cards

  • Meets all legislative requirements

  • Full audit trail available for compliance

  • Centralised data collection and reporting via NGEN Rack security module.


  • Sensors to alert for door open, handle open and key overrides

  • Remote release of doors

  • Audit trail for Compliance

  • Totally vendor agnostic solutions

  • Retrofit to any rack

  • 1xIP address can control up to 500 doors

  • Compatible with all types of access control card

  • Handles fail in locked position

  • Motorized Cold aisle containment solution

  • Complete audit trail and management solution when used with NGEN by MPL

  • Fully compliant with PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX, Direc-tive 95/46/EC, ISO/IEC 27001/27002, FISMA, GDPR.