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Out of Box


The Out of Box solution from MPL offers a simplified ‘5-step building block approach’ to deploy monitoring intelligence across Edge Applications and small to medium Comms
and Hub rooms. The system will monitor, alarm/alert and
manage real time power and energy for both new and legacy build programmes.


The solution will provide relevant and up to date business intelligence to drive optimisation programmes and deliver operational efficiency.

The easy to install technology supports a wide variety of measurement devices and sensors, which in turn are centrally managed via an N-GEN IT Gateway.

The Gateway centralises data collection and visualises reporting in real time and for historical purposes. The solution has been designed specifically to address new cabinet installations or in legacy applications where non-intelligent cabinets or third-party stand-alone equipment have previously been deployed.


In all applications, granular monitoring and reporting is achieved via the deployment of highly resilient and accurate measurement devices.

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MPL has designed a standard range of power, energy and environmental solutions which offer high resilience. This
is achieved through the development of an architecture which reduces points of failure and enhances overall reliability, by reducing measuring device complexity.


The range of high resilience power strips and in-line units offer scalable intelligence and feature sets. The units are capable of measuring Volts, Amps, kW, kW/Hrs, kVA, PF and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). None of the measuring devices require an IP address. Each measuring device is connected via the MPL Comms Bus (RS485) to distribute power and data.


Standard ‘rapid deployment’ units are available from stock offering the following:

  • A choice of single and three phase versions

  • Scalable intelligence which includes aggregated monitoring, per outlet monitoring and per outlet monitoring with outlet control

  • Built in circuit protection via MCB’s

  • Colour coded to distinguish between power feeds

  • NGEN Comms dual port Interface cable, mounting angles and fixings included

  • Power strips have a 3-metre power lead fitted with IEC60309 plug

  • In Line Units are fitted with an input lead (2 metre in length/IEC60309 plug) and an output lead (1 metres in length/IEC60309 socket)


Note: In addition to the portfolio of rapid deployment devices listed below, MPL can offer tailored solutions to meet specific client needs. The MPL dedicated engineering team working in collaboration with its UK based manufacturing centre of excellence, can deliver a wide range of additional functionality, customisation and supporting services. Many options including, but not limited to, Residual Current Monitoring, MID certified solutions, client specified outlet configurations/circuit protection and housing colour coding can be accommodated with ease.


N-GEN software is provided locally on the Gateway appliances to provide and display real time monitoring
and historical reporting of all monitored parameters.


NGEN Gateway offers:

  • Simplified user set up

  • Multiuser, role-based monitoring

  • Real time/historical dashboards

  • Multi-tier Alarming/Alerting via SNMP and email

  • Intuitive Reporting - Standard reports are built into the N-GEN Gateways covering power parameters, environmental and alarming/alerting summaries

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