MPL is able to provide its clients with access to NGEN on a subscription basis. Software as a Service (SaaS), is a software distribution model where the software can be accessed from any device via an online connection.

The cloud based software is stored on external servers rather than local servers. The MPL SaaS model is rapidly gaining traction across a wide range of businesses/market sectors.

Key advantages of the MPL SaaS offering include accessibility, compatibility, and operational management. Additionally, clients benefit from lower upfront costs than traditional premised based applications.


  • Accessibility: The MPL SaaS application is accessed from any device with an internet connection and a web browser. As a web-based model, MPL host and maintain the servers, databases, and the code that makes up an application

  • Hardware: The MPL SaaS application negates the need for often expensive hardware usually associated with on-premise deployments 

  • Software Costs: The MPL SaaS application is a subscription model which rolls up hosting, software, reporting, support and maintenance costs into one affordable monthly payment. This differs significantly from on-premise software, which is usually purchased through a perpetual license, paid upfront 

  • Updates and Patches: Because the SaaS application is run in the cloud, MPL can update software centrally without adversely affecting business operations for the client 

  • Scalability: The MPL solution centralises data collection from a wide and diverse range of measuring devices. This data is visualised within NGEN software. The solution offers unrivalled flexibility to the client, allowing for the hosted service to be scaled at any time as the level of Estate wide monitoring increases. Irrespective of the type of measuring devices added, the SaaS application can be upgraded with ease to accommodate the increase in monitoring points. Further, additional features such as Asset Management and Physical Security can be added with ease to the service.

  • Reporting: MPL can tailor and schedule reports to meet client specific needs. The NGEN SaaS application will provide real time reporting and historical reporting. Alerting and alarming is also available against
    pre-defined thresholds.


The data collected in the MPL SaaS application remains the property of the client which can be retrieved by the client upon request.