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MPL deploy a wide portfolio of industry leading Power, Energy and Environmental measuring devices offering unrivalled levels of accuracy and resilience. These devices provide the granular data required to drive optimisation, resilience and sustainable energy efficiency programmes. The breadth of measuring hardware is such that MPL can support an end-to-end estate wide capability.

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The primary function of any PDU is to distribute power effectively and reliably. Any additional features built into the units should not interfere with this primary function. With this in mind, MPL  has designed its family of intelligent PDUs to offer the highest levels of resilience and reliability, by developing a build standard which reduces points of failure and underpins longevity of operation.MPL’s scalable and highly accurate PDU intelligence combines with an architecture to reduce client infrastructure complexity and its associated costs.

In-Line Units

MPL offer a range of high resilience In-line units which can be deployed in any cabinet irrespective of the manufacturer of the non-intelligent PDU. The units are available in single and three phase versions and are rated to 16, 32 or 63A. The In-Line Unit has been designed to deliver high reliability. The internal design of the unit utilises some of the latest manufacturing techniques to remove single points of failure.

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As part of its ongoing commitment to deliver industry leading power metering, monitoring and power quality solutions, MPL Technology Group Limited offers a truly scalable and modular approach to address AC and DC circuit monitoring. This proven technology is widely deployed across a broad range of industries and market sectors. Offering industry leading accuracy across a wide measurement range (to 6000A), the non-invasive measuring capability greatly simplifies the monitoring of circuits in legacy applications.

Circuit Monitoring 


With many facilities operating in conditions which can threaten overall resilience and business continuity, more consideration is being given to the provision of continuous monitoring and reporting of environmental parameters. The family of MPL Environmental Gateways offer a truly scalable approach to the monitoring of critical conditions, providing real-time reporting, analysis and alerting of the environment to maintain the optimum surroundings around client deployed assets.

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