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Simplifying data collection 

N-GEN Lite software is the most scalable, cost efficient and easily installed management software on the market today. Primarily deployed embedded on one of the MPL Gateway products or as a hosted application, NGEN Lite can be deployed with ease on single site locations. Characteristics built into the NGEN Lite, significantly reduce the complexities associated with the deployment of business intelligence.

As standard, all deployments benefit from the following features:

  • Summary Dashboards: Summarise ‘real time’ total consumptions, phase balancing, device status and alerts (open / closed), environmental and security conditions

  • Historical Reporting: Reporting against user defined date ranges for scalable granularity from the entire estate down to individual devices

  • Device Discovery: This scan function brings the UID’s of each device connected, into the Gateway. Data from the measured parameters is collected immediately and populates the appropriate tables within a few minutes.

  • Simple Naming Conventions: User defined naming convention data can be added by simply typing in the ‘free text’ boxes. Alternatively, the client can upload the data in a CSV file utilising the Bulk Configuration tool.

  • User Privileges: User can assign administration / user rights. 

  • User Defined Thresholds: Threshold ranges can be defined by the user against any key parameter being measured. Instantaneous alerts will be sent via SNMP or email when a threshold is breached. These alerts can be fully managed by the user.

  • Data Exporting: The user can export data, reports or graphs at any point using the data capture / CSV functionality

  • Audit Log:  For compliance purposes, a full audit log captures and reports all changes and amendments by user



The primary function of N-GEN Lite is to deliver:

  • Centralised data collection and reporting

  • Summary Dashboards

  • Real time monitoring of all monitored parameters

  • Historical reporting against user defined date ranges

  • Instantaneous Alerting and Alarming via user defined thresholds

  • Full Audit Trail

  • Reporting by total estate, by building, by room, by device, by payload, by phase

  • Offer an Import / Export CSV function

All measuring devices are polled every 3 seconds and the historical data is stored at 15 minute intervals in a SQL database. The frequency of polling supports the instantaneous alerting feature against user defined thresholds and parameters. Further, the real time data collected populates the dashboard views to provide a real time view of the estate. This view includes device status and threshold analysis. The user can decide the level of granularity to be viewed e.g., from an estate view down to an individual payload. ​

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