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Legacy Programmes


Many Legacy computer rooms and data halls are being stretched to their absolute limits. A lack of optimisation often results in inefficiencies, a reduction in power and cooling availability and higher operating costs. In parallel, the introduction of higher power consumptions, coupled with increasing inlet temperatures and as a result, elevated equipment exhaust temperatures, have negatively impacted the equipment environment. Many facilities are operating
in conditions which threaten overall resilience and
business continuity.



  • Empowers the client to make informed decisions through the provision of relevant and up to date Business Intelligence (centralised data collection and reporting)

  • Drives optimisation programmes to deliver operational efficiency and enhance resilience

  • Improved cost management and savings - delivering energy efficiencies and reducing associated costs (typically 10-30% with a first year ROI)

  • Regain power and cooling capacity whilst having the
    ability to extend the life of the facility, plant equipment
    and payload

  • Enhanced visibility via highly granular monitoring required to achieve sustained efficiency targets

  • Industry leading measurement accuracy (better than
    1%) and MID options to accurately report consumption
    and costs

  • Adaptable to meet current and future legislative and
    CSR compliance.



MPL provides an extensive range of monitoring technology
to address the requirements of Legacy computer rooms and data halls. This includes a range of measurement devices which can be installed non-invasively. Typically, measured data is collected from the following sources:

  • Third Party non intelligent Power Strips (vendor neutral)

  • Free Standing Equipment

  • Third party platforms (both software and hardware)

  • Overhead Track Busway/Tap-Off solutions

  • Individual Circuit Monitoring at sub distribution level

  • Environmental conditions within the Rack, Pod or Room

  • Sub Metering

  • Hot or cold aisle containment.

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The MPL architecture comprises several key elements:

  • Measurement Hardware: A range of high resilience In-line units (single and three phase versions) offering aggregated monitoring of third party non intelligent power strips or equipment racks. The units will measure volts, amps, kW, KW/Hrs, kVA, PF and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity). Further, options are available to accommodate for Residual Current Monitoring (RCM) and MID applications (for billing purposes). None of the measuring devices require an IP address.


  • Data Collection Gateways: Designed to centralise
    data collection from the power strips, in-line units or third-party equipment. The Gateway range will monitor up to 32, 128 or 256 devices using a single IP Address. The in-line units are connected to the Gateway via the MPL Comms Bus (RS485).  Thresholds can be set up in the Gateway (user defined) to provide instantaneous alarming and alerting via email or SNMP. For individual circuit monitoring applications, the N-GEN Gateway is deployed to centralise data collection from the data acquisition modules.


  • N-GEN Reporting: N-GEN software provides and displays real time monitoring and historical reporting
    of all monitored parameters. N-GEN can be deployed locally on a client server. Licences are purchased based on the number of connected devices. Clients can upgrade their licence to accommodate an increase in

  • Individual Circuit Monitoring (Branch Circuit): A building block approach to power and energy monitoring bringing together a scalable configuration utilising a Voltage acquisition module (for the entire system), multiple Current acquisition modules to measure consumption, combined with a wide portfolio of sensors to measure load currents up to 6000A. This includes sensors to support the non-invasive monitoring of circuits.


       devices/functionality at any point. Alternatively, N-GEN
       can be supplied locally on a Gateway appliance (to 32
or 128 devices). N-GEN Enterprise has four scalable
       modules namely, Power and Energy, Environmental,
       Asset Management and Physical Security.


  • Dynamic Containment: The MPL range of aisle containment systems are thermodynamically advanced, cost and energy efficient. All aisle containment options are fully retrofittable on to any third-party cabinet in a legacy build environment without affecting day to day operations. Further, each style of containment can be designed to suit applications where multiple cabinet heights have been deployed. Both hot and cold aisle containment solutions are available. The solutions are fitted with full environmental monitoring and the sliding doors at either end can be self-closing. There is a choice of security levels to meet specific requirements.

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