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Deployed technology with the global capacity
to monitor and manage more than 10 billion kW/Hrs of energy per annum

Since our inception in 2004, MPL Technology Group has been at the forefront in the provision of power, energy and environmental monitoring solutions for critical environments within ‘Blue Chip’ corporate accounts on a global basis. As a niche owner of highly adaptable technology, MPL has developed an unrivalled portfolio of both software and hardware solutions to address the continually evolving requirements of its client base. With operations in the UK and Spain, which in turn are further supported by strategic global partners, MPL is well placed to deliver technology on a world-wide basis. Recent in-house technology developments have given MPL the opportunity to expand its capabilities beyond the traditional data centre space, moving towards an ‘Estate wide’ management offering across multiple market sectors.

MPL Technolgy Data Centre.jpg

Its ability to offer monitoring solutions from building point of entry through to an individual payload, provides MPL clients with the opportunity to monitor their entire estate via a single platform. Central to the success of MPL, is its ability to offer a wide and diverse range of highly accurate measuring devices, supported by Gateway technology to centralise data collection and provide visualisation/granular reporting via the highly intuitive NGEN software platform. NGEN software
is managing more than 150,000 devices across 22 countries.


MPL solutions will offer the following benefits:


  • Empowers the client to make informed decisions
    through the provision of relevant and up-to-date
    Business Intelligence

  • Estate wide solutions from building point of entry through to a payload

  • Drives optimisation programmes to deliver operational efficiency and enhance resilience

  • Improved cost management and savings through the delivery of energy efficiencies and reducing associated costs

  • Regain power and cooling capacity whilst having the ability to extend the life of the facility

  • Enhanced visibility via highly granular monitoring

  • Industry leading measurement accuracy (better than 1%) including MID options to accurately report consumption and costs

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