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Intelligent Busway Solutions

MPL offer two DATABAR solutions in partnership with Anord Mardix with a rating range of 160A - 630A or 800A - 1000A. The intelligent Busway solution will provide granular monitoring of power and energy parameters by room, by row or by individual feed. MID compliant sub metering can be deployed where there is a direct correlation between the meter reading and an invoice. Typically, the busway is fed by cable from switchboards or high-power busbar tap-offs, with end feeds accommodating cable terminations.


  • Installation times reduced by 80% compared with competitors

  • The only busway with plug-in, maintenance free patented joint system (beryllium copper spring couplers)

  • Tap-offs can be installed safely whilst the busway is live – built in unique safety mechanism

  • Tap off Mounting/Grounding and electrical connection totally separate functions

  • Mechanical interlock design prevents live-live connection between BAR and Tap-off

  • Unique design with one Busway for 160A to 630A deployments –scalable without change needed

  • Lowest profile product on the market for restricted space applications

  • Horizontal and Vertical Mounting Options

  • Arc Flash Certified



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