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In-Line Units


Many Legacy computer rooms and data halls are being stretched to their absolute limits. A lack of optimisation often results in inefficiencies, a reduction in power and cooling availability and higher operating costs. In parallel, the introduction of higher power consumptions, coupled with increasing inlet temperatures and as a result, elevated equipment exhaust temperatures, have negatively impacted the equipment environment.

Many facilities are operating in conditions which threaten overall resilience and business continuity.

The MPL Legacy Programme has been designed to simplify the upgrade path to provide power and environmental monitoring into non monitored cabinet deployments. Through the provision of granular power, energy and environmental reporting, the client is empowered to make informed decisions relating to operational efficiency. The MPL In-Line Unit is a measuring device designed to provide high accuracy and granular monitoring of power parameters.


MPL offer a range of high resilience In-line units which can be deployed in any cabinet irrespective of the manufacturer of the non-intelligent PDU. The units are available in single and three phase versions and are rated to 16, 32 or 63A.

The In-Line Unit offers aggregated monitoring of third party non intelligent PDUs or equipment racks. The units will measure volts, amps, kW, kW/Hrs, kVA, PF and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity).

The In-Line Unit has been designed to deliver high reliability. The internal design of the unit utilises some of the latest manufacturing techniques to remove single points of failure. These processes include the use of ‘ultrasonic welding’ of power feeds to enhance resilience in the field.

The standard MPL range of In- Line Units are fitted with an input lead (1 metre in length/IEC60309 plug) and an output lead (2 metres in length/IEC60309 socket).


  • PDU vendor neutral solution

  • Designed for high resilience and reliability – removal of single points of failure

  • Best in class measurement accuracy offering +/- 1% granular reporting of all power parameters

  • Optional environmental monitoring via tethered combined temperature and humidity sensor

  • Simple and easy to install utilising plug and play connectivity

  • Drives optimisation programmes and delivers improved cost management and savings


The In-Line Units are connected together via the MPL Comms Bus (RS485) and are centrally managed via the data collection Gateways. This architecture allows for up to 256 devices being managed on a single IP address. This represents a significant financial cost saving to the end user when compared to IP addressable PDU offerings.




All real time monitoring and historical data is visualised via MPL N-GEN software. In addition to reporting, instantaneous alerting and alarming can be delivered against user defined thresholds. NGEN software can be deployed as an on-premise solution, via a gateway appliance or as a fully hosted and supported solution (SaaS).

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