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High Density Solutions

Data centres are adopting high performance computing to support artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) programmes. This in turn, is causing a significant rise in chip, server and rack densities. Although there are new facilities being designed specifically for AI workloads, most deployments will occur in existing facilities. To support this trend, MPL offer a number of solutions, specifically aimed at addressing the needs of the high-power density market.

AI Ready, High Resilience RPDUs

A family of 45kW rated, high density RPDUs designed to perform in high power, high ambient temperatures. The RPDU units feature:


  • A design aimed specifically for high ambient temperature environments, negating the need for components vulnerable in elevated temperatures. This approach increases life expectancy and reliability

  • Built in Residual Current Monitoring to avoid unnecessary downtimes due to isolation for periodic inspection and testing

  • Ultrasonic welded joints and enhanced internal cabling methodology to ensure the very highest build standards here in the UK

  • MCBs for enhanced safety and circuit protection

  • Locking socket outlets

  • Low smoke, zero halogen (LSOH) power feeds

  • Scalable intelligence including aggregated and per outlet monitoring combined with individual socket control via bi-state latching relays

  • Built in environmental functionality

  • Simplified device discovery.

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POD Technology


The MPL IQPOD portfolio, delivers fully scalable indoor and outdoor PODs to support the deployment of high-density suites, edge applications or remote sites. Certified by the Uptime Institute to Tier 3, these PODs greatly simplify the specification, build and deployment phases, offering significantly reduced times to market.

IQPOD Technology

  • Fully scalable indoor and outdoor solutions offering full redundancy

  • High density, typically to 40-45kW per cabinet

  • Single SKU approach enabling the pre-configuration and integration to meet client requirements and simplify the specification / buying process

  • Unrivalled POD intelligence, centralising the management and reporting of power, energy, PQ, plant equipment, cooling, environmental and security elements via a single IP address

  • 36 month fully supported and managed N-GEN cloud service delivering business intelligence via real time and date range driven historical reporting.

  • Highly efficient POD environment offering a PUE of between 1.05 and 1.09 at full load

  • Operational efficiencies include removing the need for periodic inspection shutdowns

  • Full specification, design support, integration, commissioning, and deployment services

  • Alerting and alarming against all monitored parameters

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MPL Pod Technology.jpg
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