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Granular Circuit Monitoring

As part of its ongoing commitment to deliver industry-leading power metering, monitoring, and power quality solutions, MPL offers a truly scalable and modular approach to address multi-circuit power and energy management in the data centre.

MPL Granular Circuit Monitoring Infographic.png

Solution Benefits


  • Industry/Market neutral solution

  • Wide range of monitoring sensors up to 6000A including non-invasive solutions

  • Reduces installation costs, space, and time

  • Real-time & date range driven reporting combined with instantaneous alerting and alarming against user-defined thresholds

  • Plug and play connectivity to simplify upgrades and scalable for legacy environments

  • Power Quality monitoring of the incoming feed including Power Factor and Harmonics

  • Industry Leading accuracy - Class 0.5 for Global measurement chain, irrespective of load

  • Centralised data collection, and intuitive visualisation via the NGEN management platform

  • Fully supported warranty programme

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