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Estate Technology offers a robust, fully integrated hardware and software package. It is a cost effective and fully scalable approach to the collection of information from a broad range of sources, making it one of the most versatile energy and power management solutions available.  It provides energy and consumption management across the client’s estate using a single software management tool.


  • Sub Metering (including landlord tenant billing MID for accurate billing across the portfolio)

  • AC and DC circuit monitoring – A range of current sensors including split and flexi core (up to 6000 Amps) allowing non-invasive installation. These sensors can be utilised to measure individual circuits, incoming feeds, breaker status and busbar tap-offs. Options include solutions to deliver more in-depth power quality and analysis,

  • PDU’s offering scalable intelligence. These single and three phase devices will provide granular monitoring of power and energy parameters including volts, amps, kW, kW/Hrs, kVA, PF, and environmental conditions (e.g., temperature and humidity)

  • In-Line units that provide aggregated monitoring

  • A family of gateways designed to centralise data collection from the measuring devices. The Gateway range will monitor up to 256 devices using a single IP Address. User defined thresholds can be set up in the Gateways to provide instantaneous alerting and alarming via email or SNMP.

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N-GEN Software from MPL is one of the most versatile and intuitive platforms available in the market today, offering scalability, extensibility, simplified business intelligence and adaptation to meet specific client needs. N-GEN software has successfully been deployed across single site applications, as well as multiple sites / global locations. The intuitive nature of N-GEN is such that clients can tailor the look and feel of every element of the software to ensure N-GEN delivers the most up to date and relevant business information in a format which meets client needs.

At the heart of the MPL’s design philosophy, is a belief that clients should only invest in the functionality required for their estate, rather than a ‘one size’ fits all approach. The functionality can be scaled at any time to ensure that the software is fully aligned to meet the growing needs of the clients’ business.


N-GEN is available in two versions, namely N-GEN Lite and N-GEN Enterprise. N-GEN Lite is most commonly deployed as an ‘appliance based’ Gateway offering unrivalled levels of  granular reporting. N-GEN Lite supports all of the MPL Gateway solutions and offers the most intuitive approach to the real time monitoring, historical reporting and alerting/alarming 



of key power, energy and environmental conditions. Once all measuring devices are connected to the appliance gateway, N-GEN will scan, locate, list and monitor all connected units within a few minutes.

N-GEN Enterprise can be deployed across multiple sites and locations to centralise and visualise the data collection. Intuitive dashboards and architecture, coupled with the ability to be scaled from a single room application through to a full global enterprise rollout, makes N-GEN Enterprise the solution of choice for many ‘blue-chip’ corporate clients. N-GEN Enterprise offers its clients a ‘menu’ of 


functional modules to tailor specific business needs. These modules include power / energy, environmental, utilities, asset management and physical security. Further, N-GEN Enterprise brings together the management of disparate components and solutions, through the consolidation and provision of a single software management platform.

N-GEN can be deployed as a fully managed and supported Cloud based solution or as an on-premise client server application. To further simplify the provision of business intelligence, N-GEN Lite can be embedded as an appliance utilising one of the MPL family of Gateways.

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  • Site Surveys- to support legacy or retrofit solutions, MPL will carry out a full site survey to ascertain the existing infrastructure and determine additional site requirements. As part of the process, MPL will commit to furnishing the client with a summary Site Survey Report outlining findings and recommendations. 

  • Installation & CommissioningMPL runs an Approved Partner Programme to provide fully qualified and experienced engineers to ensure the system is installed to the highest standards. N-Gen is easily installed and MPL resource will be readily available to fully support those clients installing the software on their own site based server.

  • TrainingFull hardware and software training is available to clients both at the time of deployment and to support ongoing maintenance and support programmes. Role based training modules will ensure that all members of staff have a thorough understanding of the Estate solution. Software training includes an in depth review of all features, configuration options, customisation, alerting, notifications and reporting. 

  • Payment OptionsIn legacy applications, it can sometimes prove challenging to secure Capex funding to implement an Energy Efficiency Programme. To overcome this barrier, the Estate programme supported by MPL offers ‘Flexi Pay’ where the deployment of such projects is treated as an Operating Expense, typically spread over a 3 or 5-year period (hardware, software and installation). In many instances, it may be possible to defer the initial payment for a period of up to 3 months. This provides the client with the opportunity to install and monitor the legacy environment for a suitable period before commencing with the appropriate optimisation initiatives. This strategy ensures that the client can start to recognise energy cost savings prior to the commencement of the payment plan. In some cases, the monthly savings are greater than the monthly leasing costs, thereby becoming a self-financing plan.

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