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Introduction to Estate Management

We define an Estate as the collective name for all client facilities which contribute to their overall power and energy consumption.

The Estate Technology Energy Programme provides a fully integrated, power, energy and environmental management solution. This solution provides a holistic view of the estate from building point of entry through to an individual payload, providing a fundamental basis for carbon and energy management strategy planning. 

The Estate Technology Programme has been designed to centralise the management of disparate components and solutions, through the consolidation and provision of a single software management platform.

5 Steps for sustainability

In a constantly changing global environment, organisations have a responsibility to meet corporate and social responsibilities (CSR).  For an organisation to implement any corporate energy and carbon management strategy, they must first understand where their energy is being used and how they can best manage it.  MPL has developed a simple five step plan, ranging from granular energy and environmental measurement through to driving efficiencies, optimisation, and resilience. These steps are fundamental to the creation of a successful long-term energy and carbon management sustainability strategy.

MPL Estate deliverable

The MPL Estate Technology portfolio of solutions drives the measurement, collection and visualisation of highly accurate granular real-time / historical information across a client’s estate from the point of entry at the main supply meters through to an individual payload. 


Hardware elements include the provision of Sub Metering, Data Collection Gateways, Circuit Monitoring, Granular Monitoring (particularly relevant in data centre/computer room applications), and Environmental Monitoring. N- GEN software provides the ‘glue’ to visualise collected data.


N-GEN delivers clients with enhanced real time/ historical reporting and alerting/alarming.

Monitoring of Utilities

To support a Sustainable Carbon & Energy Reduction Strategy, MPL’s Estate Technology solution has been designed to centralise the management of disparate energy and power data from across an organisation’s estate. This includes monitoring and reporting of all utilities data such as electricity, gas, water, heat, steam, fuel oils and environmental conditions, through the consolidation and provision of a single software management platform.  The solution offers unrivalled levels of intelligence to empower the client to monitor, understand and proactively manage all utilities.  It is a truly market neutral solution with applications for Industrial/ Manufacturing, Telecoms, Financial Services, Leisure, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Education and Healthcare.

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