Maintaining optimum temperature and humidity around your IT assets is vital. In fact, more damage can be caused by environmental conditions such as temperature extremes, humidity, and power failure as the challenges increase in trying to manage mission critical environments. Today’s smaller, more condensed, and hotter-running devices compound the difficulty. Further, the architecture of some data centres also complicates IT staff’s ability to maintain optimum environmental controls.

MPL Technology Group has developed a stand alone wire free sensor solution which reports directly into our NGEN software to deliver real-time analysis of the critical environmental challenges that require more control. In addition to the wire free sensor technology, MPL also possesses hard wired sensors that connect to our power management range and rack security system to ensure that environmental management is available across our entire range.


  • Monitor all your critical areas; racks, cold aisles, hot aisles, CRAC supply and CRAC returns

  • Mount and position to any rack in minutes and manage with intuitive easy to use N-GEN software

  • Each sensor forms part of a flexible Wire-Free mesh network reporting data in real-time

  • Monitoring, alerting and granular reports both for individual and group of sensors utilising the N-GEN Software

  • Accuracy Levels: Temperature ±0.3 ºC Humidity: (± 2%)

  • Connect 3 Relay Sensors and 60 Edge Sensors to 1 Gateway = 1 x IP Address