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Environmental Monitoring

As part of an extensive range of environmental solutions, MPL integrate highly accurate monitoring sensors to provide the highest levels of environmental monitoring. These are designed to continuously monitor parameters such as temperature, humidity, airflow, smoke, water, and leak detection.

The sensors form part of an environmental infrastructure to deliver the granularity of multi point measurement and profiling of the clients’ environment. The data from the wireless or tethered sensors is centrally collected and managed via the family of MPL Gateways. These units allow for a high device count to be managed from a single IP address.

Instantaneous alerting and alarming of any measured parameter against user defined thresholds, simplifies real time operational management.

In parallel, MPL can deploy fully automated, temperature dependent fan speed control and monitoring, suitable for use with In-Row Cooler units or high density cooling rear doors.  


Also, MPL provide highly accurate and calibrated solutions to provide the highest levels of air quality monitoring to protect both occupants and sensitive equipment. Essential air quality parameters including a range of harmful gases, VOCs and particulate matter are measured and reported. Each device continuously measures factors critical to knowing if the air is healthy for occupants and will assist facility management meet voluntary performance standards.  

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