Delivering business intelligence 

N-GEN is a culmination of 15 years Data Center operational, consultancy and engineering experience spanning a number of global blue chip organisations. With massive efficiency gains in day-to-day management, reduced down-time and strategic forecasting, N-GEN facilitates a new data centre management approach with refined accuracy. N-GEN delivers business intelligence by providing monitoring of Power, Energy and Environmental solutions across diverse market sectors. Real-time data reporting and alerting in conjunction with user-defined dashboards allows businesses to monitor and manage their estate and make informed business decisions. NGEN achieves this by encompassing the following features

  • N-GEN provides a detailed yet intuitive interface, rich visualisations and easy access to data in real-time

  • Each user can change N-GEN’s language without affecting other users. This allows people working in different countries to work in their local language

  • Real time/historical dashboards

  • Integration of 3rd party vendor power and sensor products

  • API and integration methods to allow for information to be shared with other platforms

  • N-GEN produces reports using a standardised report framework. All reports are sortable, searchable and can be exported into XLS, CSV and PDF

  • Scale globally, handle multiple facilities and monitor thousands of devices whilst maintaining excellent application performance both on-premise or in the cloud​

  • Multi-tier Alerts

  • Intuitive Reporting with dynamic floor plans


NGEN by MPL Technology Group encompasses 4 modules - Power & Energy, Environmental, Asset Management and Security. The 4 modules are available as a "pay as you grow" model, meaning that a user has the option to begin monitoring by using only the Power & Energy module, and upgrade further down the line to encompass any of the further modules.

Each module within NGEN is associated with intuitive "Roles and Permissions" allowing multiple layers of access for the users. NGEN also includes a full audit trail so that businesses can understand exactly what changes have been made and by whom.