MPL has developed a solution architecture which offers its Enterprise clients both scalability and extensibility. Over the past 15 years, the Enterprise solution has been refined to align itself with the current and emerging needs of the client. Globally deployed within the estates of ‘blue chip’ corporate companies, MPL can demonstrate a wealth of experience in the delivery of a fully integrated solution which centralises data collection from an unrivalled portfolio of highly accurate measuring devices. At the heart of the offering, is NGEN Enterprise software. NGEN is the ‘glue’ which in conjunction with the data collection Gateways, centralises the

management of disparate components and solutions, through the consolidation and provision of a single software management platform. This platform provides visualisation across multiple departments and business roles.

The Enterprise solution can be deployed across a single location, where an end to end, fully integrated offering is overlayed across the Estate from building point of entry through to an individual payload. Further, the architecture is such that applications across multiple locations is achieved with ease.



The MPL architecture comprises several key elements:


Measurement Hardware: An extensive range of highly accurate and resilient measuring devices which includes:

  • PDUs and In-Line Units with scalable monitoring and control capabilities. These single and three phase devices will provide granular monitoring of power and energy parameters including volts, amps, kW, kW/Hrs, kVA, PF and environmental conditions (temperature and humidity)

  • Individual Circuit Monitoring (Branch Circuit) including AC and DC voltage and current modules supported by a wide portfolio of  current sensors to measure loads up to 6000A. These sensors can be utilised to measure individual circuits, incoming feeds, status and busbar tap-offs. Options include solutions to deliver more in depth power quality and analysis

  • Measuring Instrument Directive (MID) approved devices including MID sub metering products and MID compliant PDUs and In-Line Units for legacy and new build programmes – complies with EN50470-1 and EN50470-3

  • A wide portfolio of Sub Meters installed in addition to existing primary billing meters. This allows the client to measure, record and profile the electricity/utilities usage for individual areas within the Estate.

Data Collection Gateways: Designed to centralise data collection from the measuring devices. The Gateway range will monitor up to 32, 128 or 256 devices using a single IP Address. Thresholds can be set up in the Gateways (user defined) to provide instantaneous alerting and alarming via email or SNMP.

N-GEN Reporting: N-GEN Enterprise software provides and displays real time monitoring and historical reporting of all monitored parameters. N-GEN Enterprise can be deployed locally on a client server. Licences are purchased based on the number of connected devices. Clients can upgrade their licence to accommodate an increase in devices/ functionality at any point. Alternatively, the option is available to deploy the solution as a fully hosted and supported service (SaaS). For smaller estate applications such as Edge applications or Hub Rooms, N-GEN Lite can be supplied locally on a Gateway appliance (to 32 or 128 devices).


  • Four scalable modules namely, Power and Energy, Environmental, Asset Management and Physical Security

  • Real time/historical dashboards

  • Integration of third-party vendor power and sensor products

  • API and integration methods to allow information to be shared with other platforms

  • Intuitive Reporting with dynamic floor plans, including heat maps

  • Multiuser, role-based monitoring software platform – estate wide

  • Real time and historical reporting

  • Customised reporting to meet specific business needs

  • Asset Management visualisation

  • The ability to simplify monitoring by integrating multiple communication protocols into one complete system.