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N-GEN Enterprise software provides and displays real time monitoring and enhanced historical reporting of all monitored parameters associated with power, energy, utilities, environmental conditions, physical security and asset management. Centralised data collection and reporting is a fundamental cornerstone to the Estate management programme. This capability enables the client to extract all relevant information into our ‘umbrella’ platform which greatly simplifies reporting and data analysis.


In addition to its’ reporting capabilities, N-GEN offers instantaneous alerting and alarming against client specified thresholds. N-GEN integrates fully with a wide range of measuring devices for multiple applications. These devices include, but are not limited to, Utility and Sub Metering, MID Metering, Data Collection Gateways, AC & DC Circuit Monitoring, Granular Monitoring via power distribution units and in-line units (particularly relevant in data centre/computer room applications), Physical Security, Environmental Monitoring and 3rd Party Devices / systems.


The N-GEN Enterprise solution can be deployed across a single location, where an end to end, fully integrated offering is overlayed across the Estate from building point of entry through to an individual payload. Furthermore, the scalability of N-GEN is such that diverse applications across multiple locations is achieved with ease.

An Estate wide view

Customisable Dashboards combine with unrivalled levels of granularity to provide the client with a tiered approach to reporting. For example, a user may wish to view their estate via a number of predefined tiers such as:


Tier 1 - Overall summary of the entire estate, detailing multiple locations across multiple territories

Tier 2 - Summary of a single site

Tier 3 – View of a single building or room

Tier 4 – Granular reporting of an individual payload


In addition to the capabilities of N-GEN Lite, the Enterprise version offers enhanced feature sets and capabilities one would expect to find in a global management tool.


These features include:

  • Consolidation of Multi Sites / Global locations – tiered granularity

  • Customisable Dashboards – ‘widget’ based icons and map imports

  • Function modules offering scalability at any time. Modules include Power / Energy, Utilities, Environmental, Asset Management and Physical Security

  • Intuitive Reporting with dynamic floor plans, including heat maps

  • Multiuser, role-based monitoring software platform – estate wide

  • Trend analysis

  • Cost Management

  • Global Thresholds

  • Psychometric Views

  • Delta T Map – comparing CRAC input / return efficiencies

  • Multi-tier alerting / alarming

  • 3D Virtual tours

  • Extended role based security levels

  • Breadth of management reports - Scheduled email reporting

  • Integration of third party vendor products / solutions

  • Rest APIs to facilitate the sharing of data with other third party systems

  • The ability to simplify monitoring by integrating multiple communication protocols into one complete system.

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