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Clients have come to expect the highest levels of resilience and reliability from the products and solutions offered by MPL. At the heart of the MPL design philosophy is the belief that the provision of business intelligence to its clients need not be complicated. By simplifying the overall architecture, MPL has achieved a modular and fully scalable solutions offering to meet the immediate and future requirements of its clients.

By leveraging and applying industry leading design and manufacturing processes, MPL has been able to eliminate individual points of failure commonly associated with other third-party systems.


MPL hardware is widely deployed in high resilience applications. The design philosophy, coupled with a rigorous 100% test regime, ensures unrivalled levels of resilience and reliability are achieved across all deployments.

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The MPL Gateway technology centralises data collection in the most cost-efficient manner to the client, by significantly reducing the number of IP Addresses required. This can equate to a substantial financial cost benefit to the end user. The data collected can be visualised via the NGEN software platforms.

MPL offers its Estate Wide Management Programme to provide an end to end and fully integrated monitoring and management solution. This truly market neutral offering can be deployed across the client’s entire estate from building point of entry through to individual payloads.

Again, many hours of design engineering have been dedicated to ensuring all MPL software solutions are intuitive, providing optimum reporting and analytics to empower and enhance the client decision making process. NGEN communicates with client legacy-based systems to augment existing deployments. The MPL Solutions Architecture drives efficiencies, optimisation and resilience.

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