Data Collection

MPL Technology Group have a portfolio of data collection devices which can cater for either 32, 128 or 256 measuring devices whilst consuming only a single IP address. These measuring devices can be MPL Technology Group PDU’s and Inline-Units, MPL Physical Security or 3rd Party Modbus hardware and can be seamlessly integrated with either NGEN enterprise, 3rd Party software toolsets or the data collection devices can be supplied as appliances with an in-built NGEN Lite software package.


The RS485 connection between the devices and the Poller
is independent of the data room’s network, minimising network traffic and port requirements. It allows devices to
be connected and disconnected from the system freely.


The data cable also carries power for the device’s logic and the re-boot relays, making interconnection a simple, single connection with the advantage of enabling the device to actively report power outages on its mains supply.


If cabinet monitoring devices were to rely solely on cabinet power to power their logic, they run the risk of not being able to actively report a power failure when the cabinet power fails. Instead MPL monitoring products are powered from the RS485 data bus and the Poller supplies some or all the power to the bus.