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N-GEN Estate Third Party Integration

Third Party Integration

MPL Gateways can be deployed to function as data aggregators to collects data from hybrid environments, to be presented into N-GEN Estate.

Typical integration projects include:

  • Plant equipment i.e. UPS, Generator, Cooling

  • RPDU devices

  • Utility meter integration (electricity, gas, water, steam, heat, fuel oils)

  • Third party metering solutions including MID

  • Cloud based ‘ticketing solutions’ where NGEN Estate consolidates and manages traps via a third-party ticketing solution to time stamp and raise works orders.

  • Link job cards to calendar events providing scheduled access to remote sites.

  • A variety of DCIM and BMS software packages.

  • Telecoms equipment including batteries, rectifiers, and DC powered equipment.

  • Environmental sensors such as air quality, leak detection, airflow, temperature and humidity

  • Solar AC and DC circuits.

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N-GEN Estate Security Architecture

Security Architecture

N-GEN Estate is deployed as a fully supported SaaS, offering the highest levels of software security, elasticity and application level security.

Alternatively, N-GEN Estate can be securely installed as an On-Premise solution or as an active gateway appliance.

By using a Micro Services Driven architecture, N-GEN Estate offers improved data security, scalability, consistency, and high availability. All N-GEN Estate web applications are SSL and https driven.

Centralised data collection is performed by the MPL Gateway which in turn is encrypted to enhance security and compliances.

N-GEN Estate offers a comprehensive metrics driven audit trail across two layers. The Application User layer captures user interactions, whilst the Platform layer performs centralised logging, event management and alerting. 

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