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N-GEN Estate Reporting

Detailed and scheduled reporting is available to provide simplified business intelligence for key parameters such as consumption data and carbon. The comparative data view can be customised to meet specific client needs.  

The data collected in N-GEN Estate can be interrogated immediately for individual payloads over a user defined date range and by multiple parameters.

All graphs/data tables can be downloaded at any point generating comparative data over time.


Summary reports are available in multiple formats (PDF, CSV and JSON) covering:

  • All parameters by estate, by country, by location, by building, by room or by payload

  • Environmental conditions

  • Granular reporting of indoor and outdoor air quality

  • Warning and critical alarm summaries/management

  • Granular date driven reporting of any measured parameter

  • Cooling system monitoring and health checks

  • Consumption, Carbon, and Cost analysis

  • All utilities including electricity, gas, water, solar, heat, steam, and fuel oils

  • Capacity planning and trending including regression analysis

  • Asset management

  • ‘Out of norm’ analysis and base load monitoring

  • Full audit log reports capturing all administrative actions by date and time

  • Psychometric graphs and Delta-T triangle (to ASHRAE standards)

  • Physical security audit trail for compliance

MPL N-GEN Estate Reporting.png
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