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N-GEN Estate Visualisation

At each tier, the client can import specific site maps/images which may include site wide views, building floor plans, data centre floor plans, heat maps and EPMS estate layouts.

N-GEN Estate utilises both Google Maps and What3Words as part of its navigation flow.

Furthermore, N-GEN Estate is fully scalable and can therefore be deployed to support single room applications where there are only a handful of devices to be monitored, through to larger scale multiple site estates, where the number of devices being visualised runs into the thousands.

N-GEN Estate Visualises:

  • The estate as a single pane view

  • Real time and historical reporting

  • Advanced alerting and alarming of all parameters across the estate

  • The EPMS infrastructure offering site wide views of utilities, total consumptions and the granular monitoring of plant equipment, sub distribution and individual payloads.

  • Power Quality reporting with accompanying summary dashboards and more granular ‘event’ based analysis.

Elementary dashboards provide clear and concise snapshots of the key user defined parameters including ‘traffic light’ status reporting. The dashboard navigation has been designed to greatly simplify the view of granular data.

Scheduled reporting, instantaneous alerting and alarming and real time data analysis provides users with up-to-date visualisation of the estate.

MPL NGEN Estate LU.png
MPL NGEN Estate Fairfield.png

N-GEN Estate App

For N-GEN Estate cloud-based deployments, a mobile companion App is available, offering simplified views and alerting via any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

MPL NGEN Estate App.png
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