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N-GEN Estate Overview

N-GEN Estate adopts a multi-tiered approach to the visualisation and reporting of an estate to facilitate and meet the needs of multiple roles within an organisation from Board level reporting requirements through to more granular operational day-to-day management information.

N-GEN Estate provides a single pane view for clients and is truly scalable catering for a handful of metering points on a single site through to a global estate view where there are tens of thousands of data collection points.

MPL Technology NGEN Estate Overview.png

Typical Applications

  • Estate wide monitoring and reporting across a collection of geographical sites owned by an organisation

  • End-to-End EPMS from building point of entry through to an individual payload including detailed Power Quality reporting

  • Automated data collection of estate wide meters to produce comprehensive consumption and carbon reporting to support sustainability programmes

  • Granular monitoring and reporting of data centre and edge applications

  • Client management of data utilising the Campus sites (universities, hospitals, and retail)

  • Real time mission critical alerting and alarming management against user defined thresholds

  • Property owner/multi tenanted billing for commercial buildings

  • Telecoms applications including 48VDC remote base stations

  • Utilities/Renewables monitoring including the granular monitoring and reporting of Solar PV applications

  • Operational efficiency in industrial/manufacturing applications to drive operational efficiency.

MPL NGEN Typical Applications.png
MPL NGEN Typical Applications 2.png

N-GEN Estate Features

MPL NGEN Estate Features.jpg

Ease of Use, Simplified Business Intelligence

N-GEN Estate is intuitive and simple to navigate between tiered views. Designed to mover between each view via a ‘single click’, a user can navigate from global estate overviews through to more granular data relating to individual sites, buildings, circuits, or payloads within a matter of seconds.


Furthermore, N-GEN Estate is fully scalable and can therefore be deployed to support single room applications where there are only a handful of devices to be monitored, through to larger scale multiple site estates, where the number of devices to be monitored runs into the thousands.


Scheduled reporting, instantaneous alerting & alarming and real time data analysis provides users with up-to-date visualisation of the estate.


A mobile app is available to support N-GEN Estate deployments, offering simplified views and alerting via any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone.

MPL NGEN Estate Ease of Use.png
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