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Market Applications

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MPL Estate wide management is deployed to address a wide and varied range of applications across multiple industry sectors. These include:

  • Estate wide monitoring and reporting across a collection of geographical sites owned by an organisation

  • End-to-End EPMS from building point of entry through to an individual payload including detailed Power Quality reporting

  • Multi-site consolidated kWh, Carbon and Cost management and reporting

  • Automated data collection of estate wide meters to produce comprehensive consumption and carbon reporting to support sustainability programmes

  • Granular monitoring and reporting of data centre and edge applications

  • Client management of data utilising the N-GEN Ultra Secure Data Tunnel

  • Campus sites (universities, hospitals, and retail)

  • Real time mission critical alerting and alarming management against user defined thresholds

  • Property owner/multi tenanted billing for commercial buildings

  • Telecoms applications including 48VDC remote base stations

  • Utilities/Renewables monitoring including the granular monitoring and reporting of Solar PV applications

  • Operational efficiency in industrial/manufacturing applications to drive operational efficiency.

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