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Continuous Thermal Monitoring

Bus duct joints are considered to be a known point of failure with factors such as heat, stress and vibration compromising the joints. Over time, the joints can become loose and corrode, reducing conductivity and resulting in power failures.


  • By utilising permanently installed sensors, MPL delivers 24x7 real-time asset data

  • Suitable for both new and legacy applications

  • Busbar vendor neutral

  • Reduces the likelihood of electrical failures whilst improving operational stability

  • Minimises human interaction with faulty assets to increase personnel and on-site safety

  • Reduces the risk of electrical fire or explosion risk, resulting from arc flash due to compromised assets

  • Avoids unnecessary intrusion of unplanned maintenance

  • Visualised via the MPL N-GEN platform with real time alerting and alarming, delivered against user defined thresholds

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