Integration & Commissioning

MPL solutions have been designed to integrate seamlessly with existing client systems. Our driver is to wherever possible, augment existing deployments to simplify the integration process.

MPL NGEN software, through API and integration methods, allows for information to be shared with other platforms. The software will not only export to third party platforms but can also support centralised data collection through its ability to communicate with a wide portfolio of measuring devices and equipment.

This integration capability facilitates our ability to offer an Estate Wide Management solution which centralises data

collection and reporting from building point of entry through to an individual payload. By harnessing a wide and diverse range of measuring devices fed into Gateways which centralise the data collection for both real time and historical reporting applications. Visualisation of the data is achieved
via NGEN.


Through its own technical resources in partnership with certified Partners, MPL can support the client at every stage of the integration and commissioning process. This capability includes offering pre- configured and commissioned solutions, on site commissioning of both hardware and software, training, handover documentation and ongoing support.

MPL integrated solutions include:

  • Ready to run Individual Circuit Monitoring Enclosures

  • High Density Micro Data Centres (MDC)

  • Pre-configured and commissioned Appliance Gateways

  • Fully commissioned NGEN Enterprise rollouts including third party platforms

  • Dynamic aisle containment

  • Plug and play technology to simplify site deployments

  • Estate wide technology utilising a wide portfolio of measuring devices fully managed via centralised data collection and reporting