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Centralised Data Collection

At the heart of the MPL design philosophy is the belief that the provision of business intelligence to its clients need not be complicated. With this in mind, MPL has designed a range of N-GEN Gateway Appliances which centralise data collection from the broad range of measuring devices offered to support a sustainable energy management programme. Each Gateway uses a single IP address to monitor up to 256 devices.


Through the provision of its N-GEN appliance based software, the Gateways simplify the deployment of all measuring technology and offer the most intuitive and easy to configure approach for the visualisation of monitored parameters. Deploying MPL Gateway technology significantly reduces infrastructure complexity and associated costs.

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The MPL Gateway IT centralises data collection for Data centre, Edge, Comms and Hub room applications. The Gateway will monitor PDUs, In-Line Units and Branch Circuit Monitoring applications. The measured data relating to power/energy, environmental and rack/room security parameters can then be visualised via the N-GEN managment software.


GW-ESTATE has been designed to support sustainable energy management programmes across a clients estate. The Gateway centralises data collection from a wide variety of measuring devices which includes AC and DC circuit monitoring, utilities and sub-metering. 

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The GW-ENV has been designed to support granular monitoring of environmental conditions. A choice of environmental sensors coupled with door status monitoring can be managed via a Single IP Address. This solution offers scalability, accuracy and real time alerting/alarming determined by user defined thresholds.


The GW-COMBI brings together the granular monitoring of environmental and power/energy parameters via a single Gateway. Each gateway can support in excess of 250 long range wireless edge sensors combined with a choice of power measuring devices which include PDUs, In-Line units, AC/DC circuit monitoring and sub-metering all via a Single IP Address. The environmental sensors form part of a flexible wire-free mesh network reporting real time environmental data.

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