Simplifying data collection 

MPL Technology Group have a portfolio of data collection appliances which can cater for either 32, 128 or 256 measuring devices whilst consuming only a single IP address. These measuring devices can be MPL Technology Group PDU’s and Inline-Units or 3rd Party Modbus hardware. This data is presented via an inbuilt NGEN Lite GUI hosted within the appliance. This can also be seamlessly integrated with either NGEN enterprise, 3rd Party software toolsets.

  • Ready to run NGEN Lite Software included to centralise data collection and reporting

  • Real-time and historical reporting along with dashboard views

  • Alarm and alerting against client configured thresholds

  • Simple and easy to install - 5 step process to begin monitoring, reporting and alerting

  • Plug and play connectivity

  • Best in class measurement accuracy

  • Enhanced measurement device resilience by reducing single points of failure

  • Granular monitoring of power and environmental parameters including volts,amps,kW,kWhrs,kVA,PF and temperature and humidity

  • Tailored solutions available