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The MPL Estate Technology Energy Programme provides an end to end, fully integrated, power, energy and environmental management solution. The growing complexity of energy management across the client’s entire estate is such that the Estate Technology Programme has been designed to centralise the management of disparate components and solutions, through the consolidation and provision of a single software management platform. The MPL solution offers unrivalled levels of intelligence to empower the client to monitor, understand and proactively manage their business.


The offering is truly market neutral and can be adapted for a wide range of sectors which include Industrial/ Manufacturing, Telecoms, Financial Services, Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Education and Healthcare.


Estate Technology not only focuses on the monitoring of electricity, gas and water consumption, but also takes into consideration other key elements such as steam, heat and temperature. The principle behind Estate Technology is simple, if it can be measured, it can be monitored and managed.



MPL deploy a wide portfolio of industry leading Power, Energy and Environmental measuring devices offering unrivalled levels of accuracy and resilience. These devices provide the granular data required to drive optimisation, resilience and sustainable energy efficiency programmes.



MPL Data Collection Gateways are designed to centralise data collection from the entire range of measuring devices. The Gateway range will monitor up to 32, 128 or 256 devices using a single IP Address. Thresholds can be set up in the Gateway (user defined) to provide instantaneous alerting and alarming via email or SNMP.



MPL N-GEN reporting software provides and displays real time monitoring and historical reporting of all monitored parameters. N-GEN can be deployed locally on client server. Licences are purchased based on the number of connected devices. Clients can upgrade their licence to accommodate an increase in devices / additional functionality, at any point. Alternatively, N-GEN be supplied locally on a Gateway appliance (up to 256 devices) or deployed as a fully hosted and supported Cloud based service. N-GEN Enterprise has four scalable modules namely, Power & Energy, Environmental, Asset Management and Physical Security.

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